Publications & CPD

My teaching journey in HEIs

I commenced my teaching journey as a tutor in the Sociology Department in Trinity College in September 1991, since then I have taught in seven HEIs (UCD, DCU, SNMCI, Milltown Institute of Philosophy, All Hallows College and Hibernia College). It was only when I commenced the Master of Arts in Training and Education in Griffith College that I really came to grips with the policies that underpin third level education, the theories that inform teaching, learning and assessment, the importance of reflective practice and ensuring that teaching is learner centred. In my role as Programme Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL), I successsfully led the programme through the validation process with Quality Qualifications Ireland in 2013 and it is validated until 2018. I have participated in other successful programme validations (PDE, PME) in Hibernia College. My professional identity as a sociologist overlaps with my professional identity as an educator (teacher, assessor and supervisor of research) in Hibernia College. I incorporate my values into my professional identity in that I embrace the social inclusion of those who were historically excluded from higher education, I aspire to be authentic in relationships with colleagues and students, I put students at the heart of the teaching and learning process, and I regularly collaborate with my colleagues not only in Hibernia College but in other HEIs in Ireland and internationally. I engage in reflective practice, I am a lifelong learner. I am registered with the Teaching Council. I have documented my professional development as follows: Continuing Professional Development, publications and attendance at conferences and workshops.



2014                AHEAD – CPD Social Inclusion in HEIs

2012                Online Tutor Training in Hibernia College

2012                Certificate in Inclusion: Institute of Child Education and Psychology

2012                CPD World Religions, Hibernia College

2012               ‘Supervising Master’s and Doctoral Students’, Workshop by Gina Whisker (All  Hallows College)

2012                Research Ethics, All Hallows College


Publications and Conferences 

Papers on Education

Whitaker, T.,  Lynam, A., Buckley, K., Cassidy, D. (2018) Voices of Educators in 21st Century Ireland, Dublin: Doggett Publishing


Whitaker, T. (2017) A Handbook and Tool Kit for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in Independent Higher Education Institutions in Ireland. HECA:Dublin

Whitaker, T. and O’Sullivan (2017) Incorporating Contemplative Pedagogies into Online Teaching for Teachers doing a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning, (work in progress under review as a book chapter)

Whitaker, T. and Kenny, M. (2016). Assessing students journeys from theory to practice in intercultural education, AISHE-J Volume 8 Number 2, pps. 2551 – 25521. [Available online]

Whitaker, T. (2016). Achieving social inclusion for students with non-visible disabilities: a case study of a student studying for ITE with an anxiety related disorder in an online higher education institution. Association for Higher Education Access & Disability, 3, pp.94–108. Available at:

Whitaker, T. (2014b) Teaching sociology of Education to Teachers in tough times. Mayo Education Centre, 2nd Education and Teachers Conference, (Mayo ETC) 8th November, 2014.

Whitaker, T. (2013a) ‘Reflective Practice and Praxis; what do they look like? Challenging homophobia in a post-primary school’. Paper presented at Hibernia Conference, November 2013.

Whitaker, T. and Kenny, M. (2013b) ‘From policy to practice; how praxis works – enacting the intercultural guidelines in the classroom’, paper presented at International Conference Engaging Pedagogy ICEP) conference and published on ICEP website. (pending publication in AISHE journal)

Whitaker, T. (2013c) Reflecting on Teaching Interculturalism and Diversity to Teachers in First and Second Level Education in Ireland. Limerick Education Centre & Clare Education Centre – 2013 Research Conference Journal – Volume 111 pps. 127-131. (

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Whitaker, T, Ryan, P. Cox, G. (2011) Stigmatization among Drug Using Sex Workers Accessing Support Services in Dublin, Qualitative Health Research.

Whitaker, T. (2007a) Patriarchs and Partners in Spousal Bequests in Ireland in 1951 and 2000: the life interest as a dying practice. Irish Journal of Sociology, 16(1), 97-117.

Whitaker, T. (2007b) Creating Virtual Families? Bequeathing practices of childless single and widowed testators in Ireland in 1951 and 2000. Journal of Family History, 32(2), 133-148.

Treacy, M., Boland, J., Whitaker, T. Santos, P., Knox, B. (2006) Children Talking: Emerging Perspectives and Experiences of Cigarette Smoking, Qualitative Health Research, 17(2), 238-249

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Hyde, A. Treacy, M., Whitaker, T. Santos, P., Knox, B. (2000) Young People’s Perceptions of and Experiences with drugs; findings from an Irish study. Health Education Journal, Vol. 59(2), 180-188

Book Chapters:

Whitaker, T. (2014) ‘Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work in the Irish Agenda’, in L. Kiely and M. Leane (eds), Sexualities, Dublin: Orpen Press.

Whitaker, T., Ryan, P., Cox, G. (2012) ‘What I knew was what I learnt of the street! Irish Drug Using Sex Workers Accounts of how they contracted HIV and Hepatitis C’ in K. Metodieve, Immunodeficiency, Croatia: Intech.


Whitaker, T. (2010) Building Effective Cancer Support Services in Ireland, A Summary Report, for the   Irish Cancer Society

Cox, G. & Whitaker, T. (2009) Drug Use, Sex Work and the Risk Environment in Dublin, Dublin: The Stationery Office

NACD (2009) Drug use in Ireland and Northern Ireland. 2006/2007 Drug Prevalence Survey: Sedatives or Tranquilisers, and Anti-Depressants Results, Dublin: NACD

NACD (2009) Drug use in Ireland and Northern Ireland. 2006/2007 Drug Prevalence Survey: Polydrug Use Results, Dublin: NACD

NACD (2007) Recommendations to Government in relation to Workplace Drug Testing and the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, Dublin: NACD

NACD (2006) Progress Report August 2003-December 2005, Dublin: The Stationery Office

Whitaker, T. Kingsley, C., Whitaker, R. (1998) Winning Your Audience, Evaluation Research of Audience Development Initiative by Dance Theatre of Ireland, Dublin: Arts Council

Tracey, M. Collins, R, Whitaker, T. (1995) Evaluation of a Course for Care Assistants, Department of Nursing and Midwifery: UCD

Conferences, Workshops and Lectures

International Conference Engaging Pedagogy (ICEP) (15th December 2017), The Voice of the Educator, Whitaker, T. (Presentation): Implementing the Professional Development Framework in your emotionally intelligent higher education institution; challenges and breath taking opportunities for educators, Griffith College Dublin,

Teacher Education and Teacher Educator National Forum, (30th November, 2017) , University of Limerick, Whitaker, T. presentation: ‘The benefits and challenges of the online delivery of a Master’s programme for experienced teachers. An example of good practice?’

National Forum (25th October 2017) Mentoring in Teaching and Learning, delivered by Lynn Ramsey, NUI, Galway. One and a half hour workshop (formal, unaccredited learning)

ESRI (19th October 2017) ‘Off to a good start? Primary school experiences and the transition to second-level education. Growing up in Ireland National Longitudinal Study of Children, delivered by Emer Smyth (formal, unaccredited learning)

Central Bank of Ireland, (17th October 2017) Whitaker Lecture – Ireland needs new perspective on Economic Development, Professor Frances Ruane.

Whitaker, T. (2017) Facilitation of 2 hour workshop with staff and faculty in DBS. Dublin Business School (29th September 2017) Taking research off the pedestal!
Integrating research into your everyday professional practices, Action Research & Self –Study Methods. 

UCD (September 2017) Action Research Symposium, I participated in a 4 hour workshop on Action Research) delivered by NEARI group.

Whitaker, T. (2017) Professional Learning implications of Masters Programmes for Teachers in Network: 01. Continuing Professional Development: Learning for Individuals, Leaders, and Organisations. Conference Education Research (ECER) – Copenhagen (21-25 August).   Reforming Education and the Imperative of Constant Change: Ambivalent roles of policy and educational research.

ESAI (April 2017) Changing Research; working the spaces between education policy and practices. Whitaker, T. Reflections on Reflective Practice, UCC,

Teaching Council (March, 2017) Teachers and Research: Continuing the Conversation, Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road, Limerick, Ireland.

NEARI (2017) Action Research Symposium, Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Quality, Qualifications Ireland (December 2016) Growing your vision for higher education, using Data for enhancement purposes, Dublin Castle Conference Centre, Joint presentation: Whitaker, T. and A. Mangan Collaboration for Enhancement, Whitaker, T. Developing a digital portfolio for those teaching in HEIs in Ireland.

Institute of Technology, Sligo (December 2016) Young People and Social Capital,Whitaker T., Key note speaker ‘Do drug using sex workers have social capital?

QQI, (October 2016) Irish Reference Group for EU Initiatives in Education and Skills, River Court Hotel, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny.

ePortfolios in Ireland: What now, Where next? (March 21- March 23 2016) Dublin Institute of Technology, Whitaker, T. (2016) The use of reflective practice in ePortfolio Development,

HECA Annual Conference (April 2016), Funding of Higher Education Challenges and Solutions, Saint Nicholas Montessori College Ireland Lexicon

Hibernia College Conference (March 2015) Integrating Research into Teacher Education, Conrad Hotel, Dublin.

HECA Annual Conference, (April 2015) “ENHANCING PUBLIC PERCEPTION OF PRIVATE HIGHER EDUCATION” CCT, 30-34 Westmoreland St., Dublin 2

EARI (April 2015) Network for Educational Action Research in Ireland (http:// and, Interfaith Centre, Dublin City University.

UKCGE (May 2015) ‘Research Ethics; Separate Worlds? Ethics and Academic Quality & Development’, hosted by the School of Advanced Study, University of London, United Kingdom Council Graduate Education.


AHEAD (May 2014) Under Pressure: What is happening with Dyslexia? IADT, Dun Laoghaire.

Hibernia Annual Conference, November 2014, Whitaker, T. & Bailey, J. (2014) Ensuring the social inclusion of a student with an anxiety related disorder; a case study from an online higher education institution,

National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Partner Dialogue, Alexandria Hotel, Dublin, 13th June, 2014

UKCGE (July 2014) International Annual Conference 2014, Doctoral Training Structures – form and functionality, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin.

HECA Conference (2014) Enhancing the Learning Environment in Challenging Times, Hibernia College, Dublin.

Hibernia College (November 2013) Annual Research Conference, Sharing Knowledge – The Role of Research in Teaching and Learning in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin

Higher Education Authority (HEA) (November 2013) How Equal? Access to Higher Education in Ireland, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin.

Vere Foster Trust and the Institute of Educational Research in Ireland. Education Policy, Public Lecture Series. The Future of Irish Education in an age of Austerity and Inequality; What is the model? Stephen Ball. November 2013.

National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Alexandria Hotel, Dublin, 5th December, 2013.

International Conference Engaging Pedagogy. The Voice of Educators, Institute of Technology, Sligo, 6th December, 2013.


The Irish Times, May 12 2009. (Commentary on Drug Use, Sex Work and Risk Environment in Dublin)

The Irish Times, May 13 2009. (Commentary on Drug Use, Sex Work and Risk Environment in Dublin)

The Irish Examiner, May 13 2009. (Commentary on Drug Use, Sex Work and Risk Environment in Dublin)

The Irish Examiner, May 18 2009. (Commentary on Drug Use, Sex Work and Risk Environment in Dublin)

The Irish Examiner, July 21 2009. (Commentary on Drug Use, Sex Work and Risk Environment in Dublin)

Radio & Television Interviews

Pat Kenny Show, January 2010 (Advocacy for Sex Worker Alliance Ireland)

Pat Kenny Show, May 2010 (Advocacy for Sex Worker Alliance Ireland)

T V 3 – Midweek, Collette Fitzpatrick (Advocacy for Sex Work Alliance Ireland)

Ryan Tubridy, RTE Radio 1, 18 January 2007. (Commentary of Bequeathing Practices in Ireland)

News on Two, RTE 2, 12 May 2009. (Commentary on NACD research).

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